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Pros Get Punk’d, Amateurs Come Through


Update:  Libby jury has been sent home for the day.  Back on Monday. 

Still no news here from the Libby courthouse, so let's kick Holy Joe and his preening, sanctimonious "man of conscience" BS around a little bit. 

It doesn't take rocket science to figure out Joe Lieberman lied to Connecticut voters when he said during the election he wouldn't switch parties, or that "nobody wanted to bring the troops home" more than he did.  Now of course he is threatening to switch parties on almost a daily basis (despite the fact that, as Gregg Sargent says, that's extremely  unlikely — we're just not that lucky) and he's one of the biggest cheerleaders for the Iraq troop surge.

So why aren't journalists asking him about it?  

Today in Hartford:

During an interview with the media a student interrupted to shout “No more Troops! Bring them home!” to which Lieberman replied: “I got the message.”

He said while a majority of the Democratic caucus does not support the increase in troops, “a majority of the members in both houses aren’t ready to cut off funding to the troops.” When asked if he understood a majority of the public didn’t support the troop increase Lieberman responded by saying, “Iraq is a bit more complicated.”

“I still think a majority of us would like to us succeed,” Lieberman said.

As the press was called off by Lieberman’s handlers, a Wesleyan student who had attended the “No Child Left Behind” discussion that brought Lieberman to Hartford Friday, asked him why he changed his stance on the war after the election.

Mike Pernick said during his campaign Lieberman promised to bring the troops home as soon as possible and now he supports a plan to increase troop levels. “It doesn’t make sense,” Pernick said.

To all the journalists who let Joe get away with this rot during the election — do you feel the least little bit guilty?  Is there any shame involved, do you feel any shame that you got punk'd so badly?  If there's some journalistic principle involved in maintaining this kabuki, or some big, mysterious payoff that all of us sitting here in the cheap seats just aren't privy to, please let us know.   Because all we can see from here is that some kid is doing your job for you, and you look like a bunch of bought-and-paid-fors too timid to ask the obvious questions. 

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