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Poll: Do Blend readers read gay fiction?

For those who don’t know me, I’m a library student currently working on my MLS.  As part of my professional development and my own personal interest, I have been collecting the titles of gay-themed books for the last 3 years.  I have photocopies of book pages, a notebook worth of suggestions, highlighted library publications, printed out reviews, and dog eared books all marked with gay books that I would love to read some day or make others aware of. 

I was thinking about sorting all this into some usable booklists and putting them on the net somewhere, if people would be interested.  Perhaps grouping them by theme like gay romance, gay YA, gay memiors, etc.  Nothing fancy, but a short description of the plot and maybe a key so you would know if it was gay, lesbian, etc.My question is, if I were to do so, would people want me to post it here?  It’s a bit of work and I would love to do it if people would like it. 

Are there people who would be interested if I undertook such a project?