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Air Force: Powerline = OK, House Blend = OK, Kos = Blocked

I’m teaching today at the Air National Guard base in Portland.  I’m able to surf to the House Blend (obviously), AMERICAblog, Rude Pundit, and other lefty blogs I read daily, but not DailyKos.  It gets a “blocked” message because it is “Politics/Opinion”.

And yet, when I surf to PowerLine, Captain’s Quarters, or any number of superpopular rightie blogs, not a single one is blocked.  Hmmm…

Maybe Kos is blocked because it is so popular, while Blend, AB, & RP fly under the radar (couldn’t resist an Air Force pun).  But isn’t Powerline just as popular, in terms of readership?

This has been yet another installment of the Blocked Blog Chronicles.  We now return you to your regularly scheduled rants already in progress.

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