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About Plame House…

Not too much happened today at the courthouse.  I sat in the media room all day and was actually surprised that it was completely full for most of the day — many who hadn't been around for much of the trial feel compelled to hang out for verdict watch.  Early this morning the jury asked for an easel and pictures of all the witnesses, and it seemed likely they wanted to map out some sort of diagram or timeline for the case.  Since there is both an MIT Ph.d and a mathematician on the jury, it's also seems likely that the jury is taking a reasoned approach to determining a verdict.  That does not bode well for Ted Wells' highly emotional, "give me back my baby Scooter" entreaties.

One of the things about our sojourn here in DC that has sparked much interest is Plame House, which became a crash pad for all of us who came here to write about the trial.  It's a pretty modest place but it has served as a nice home for us for the past few weeks, and so the PoliticsTV people thought that we should talk a bit about how it came to be on the YouTube above.  It certainly has been a wonderful experience, financed by readers of this site and others, and on behalf of all of us I cannot thank everyone who contributed to it enough.  It was a really exciting experiment to be a part of, I do think we have had some impact on the spin that threatens to take over the story at times, and I think we've also added to the depth of the narrative in a quite compelling way (in addition to feeding the habits of many a Jonesing Plame addict).  I hope that it can serve as something of a model for other events in the future, and very much look forward to doing something along these lines again when the moment seems right.

Again, thanks to the folks at PoliticsTV for being there with us throughout the trial.  They've been absolutely wonderful. 

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Jane Hamsher

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