Pre-Friday Random Ten

Honest to goodness the bars weren’t open this morning.
They must have been voting for a new president of something.
Do you have a quarter? I said yes because I did.
Honest to goodness the tears have been falling all over the country’s face.
It was better before before they voted for what’s his name.
This is supposed to be the new world

Break out the iPods! Hit shuffle! Run away!

You Can’t Hold Us Back (Instrumental 97) – Atari Teenage Riot
Pretend We’re Dead – L7
Ivory Coast – Rancid
The New World – X
Here Comes A Regular – The Replacements
Go – Apples In Stereo
Sasa – Medeski, Martin, and Wood
Dramamine – Modest Mouse
Five Man Army – Massive Attack
Cold Blue Steel and Sweet Fire– Joni Mitchell

Bonus #11: Narco Martenot – Stereolab

…and now some songs you can’t sing along to

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