There is a tendency in the blogosphere to camp out in the weeds when covering the CIA leak case, and we forget that most people's eyes glaze over when we start talking about what CIA briefer was copied on what memo on which day.  With the close of the Libby trial, I'd like to step back and start trying to define what the important, overarching narratives to emerge from the case actually are:

1.  The administration lied us into war and tried to abuse its power to punish the whistleblower who told the American public the truth.

2.  Scooter is the firewall to Shooter.

3.  Dick Cheney, Scooter Libby and other members of the administration conspired to keep federal investigators from uncovering their crimes.

4.  The media was complicit in spreading administration propaganda rather than doing investigative journalism, and are now helping to set the table for a pardon.

5.  The journalistic standards that have been exposed in the case (witness Tim Russert, Judy Miller, Andrea Mitchell, Robert Novak and others) are reprehensible, and have undermined the public trust in the media.

6.  The degree to which this story about the lies that lead to war has been ignored by the media (relative to the feeding frenzy over a Clinton blowjob) left a huge opening that the blogs have filled.

What am I missing?

Update:  Quote of the day, Zhiv from the comments:  "I think we’re all going to look back quite fondly at the PoliticsTV clips with emptywheel’s hair blowing all over her face, like she was on an early bad date in her relationship with destiny."

Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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