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What Sheelzebub said

There’s an A+ rant by one of my co-bloggers at Pandagon, Sheelzebub, that is worth the click: Bigotry, thy name is fundamentalist.

I had to sample this hearty chunk for you because it hits the nail on the head regarding these insecure, frightened, nasty homophobes trolling Dear Leader’s internets bleating about being persecuted.

So there are still people yelping and bleating over the supposed anti-Christian bigotry espoused by liberals-and by anti-Christian bigotry, I mean the promotion of civil and human rights for LBGT people, women, the poor, religious minorities, atheists and agnostics, and people of color. One cannot object to ignorant rhetoric and laws that would codify and further institutionalize bigotry and discrimination, you see, as that is anti-Christian.

Well, sorry. You don’t get to whine about how you’re oppressed when you make up the majority of people in this country. You don’t get to bleat about your special snowflake status when the freaking President is a born-again, evangelical Christian. You don’t get to cry and whine about anti-Christian bigotry when you push for legislation that discriminates against gays, that subjugates women, that marginalizes other religions (and those without religion), that interferes with our educational system, and that promotes human rights violations in the name of anti-terrorist paranoia.

No. You don’t.

You don’t get special snowflake status when you hide behind religion as an excuse to deny women contraception, deride and mock religious minorities, spread hatred and vitriol about the LBGT community, and try to codify law to fit with Christianity’s view of the world.

Talk that kind of trash, and don’t expect flowers and candy in return. That’s all I’m saying. Dish it out. learn to take it, and stop your bleating. It’s pathetic.

They simply don’t speak for all Christians; I know too many sincere people of faith who want nothing to do with this self-righteous, bigoted crowd. The “professional Christian victim” retrograde, homophobic, womb-controlling, porn-fixated, golden peepee obsessions are tiresome and, in the end, will be futile. They are losing the culture war, and they know it. They simply wish to destroy the objects of their fixations (in particularly un-Christian ways) to pump up their frail egos as they circle the bowl. It’s truly sad.

* This I believe

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