MICHAEL -I was told the Cubans now call this drink: “La Mentira.”
ROTH – I still don’t speak Spanish, Michael.
MICHAEL – It means… “The Lie.”

Iraq – The Sequel:

A suicide bomber struck a funeral in Baghdad on Tuesday, killing at least seven people as militants show increasing defiance to a major security operation in the capital.

The attacker, wearing a belt packed with explosives, followed a funeral procession into a tent before detonating the blast in a mostly Shiite district of eastern Baghdad, police said. At least 15 people were injured.

n other bloodshed across Baghdad, a car bomb and a suicide attacker killed at least 11 people. About 12 miles outside the capital, a truck carrying chlorine gas ran over a roadside bomb. Two people died in the explosion and nearly 150 exposed to the fumes were treated for injuries, said Brig. Gen. Qassim Moussawi, a military spokesman.


The first attacks came during the busy morning rush for goods and fuel. A car rigged with explosives tore through a line of cars at a gas station in the Sadiyah district in southwestern Baghdad. Police said at least six people were killed and 14 injured in the neighborhood, which is mixed between the majority Shiites and Sunnis whose militant factions are blamed for many of the recent bombings and attacks.

Later, a suicide attacker drove a bomb-laden car into a vegetable market near a Shiite enclave in southern Baghdad. At least five people were killed and seven injured, police said. The same market in the mostly Sunni Dora district was targeted last month by three car bombs that killed 10 people.

On Monday, insurgents staged a bold daylight assault against a U.S. combat post north of Baghdad, killing two soldiers and injuring 17. The U.S. military called it a “coordinated attack” — which began with a suicide car bombing and then gunfire on soldiers pinned down in a former Iraqi police station, where fuel storage tanks were set ablaze by the blast.

A film a few people saw in 1974:


is handed a piece of cake. Roth moves over to a folder of documents.

Here are applications from Friends
all over the States. I understand
Santo Virgilio in Tampa is trying
to make his own deal. Well, the
Cuban Government will brush him off.
The Lakeville Road Boys are going
to take over the Nacionale here.
I’m planning a new hotel casino to
be known as Riviera. The new Capri
will go to the Corleone Family.


The cake is sliced and carried to each of the men.

Then there’s the Sevilla Biltmore;
the Havana Hilton, which is going
to cost twenty-four million —
Cuban banks will put up half, the
Teamsters will bankroll the rest.
Generally, there will be friends
for all our friends including the
Lieutenant Governor of Nevada;
Eddie Levine of Newport will bring
in the Pennino Brothers, Dino and
Eddie; they’ll handle actual casino

And seeing that all of his friends have been served, Roth
raises his fork.


I saw a strange thing today. Some rebels were being arrested. One of them pulled the pin on a grenade. He took himself and the captain of the command with him. Now, soldiers are paid to fight; the rebels aren’t.

The various men look up as Michael eats his cake, wondering
what the point of it is.

What does that tell you?

It means they could win.*


He understands Michael’s point, if the others do not.

This country has had rebels for the
last fifty years; it’s part of
their blood. Believe me, I know…
I’ve been coming here since the
twenties; we were running molasses
out of Havana when you were a baby.
To trucks owned by your father.
(he chuckles warmly
over the memory)
We’ll talk when we’re alone.

And he returns his attention to the men who are gathered
with him on his birthday.


Michael sits alone with the old man, on a terrace that
overlooks the city.

You have to be careful what you say
in front of the others… they
frighten easy. It’s always been
that way, most men frighten easy.

We’re making a big investment in
Cuba. That’s my only concern.

My concern is that the three
million never arrived at Batista’s
numbered account in Switzerland.
He thinks it’s because you have
second thoughts about his ability
to stop the rebels.

The money was sent.

Then you have to trace it. Michael,
people here look at me as a reliable
man. I can’t afford not to be
looked on as a reliable man. But
you know all that; there’s nothing
you can learn from me. You
shouldn’t have to put up with a
sick old man as a partner.

I wouldn’t consider anyone else.

Except the President of the United States.

He laughs slyly, as though this is some private joke between
them. Then his laughter becomes a cough, which he painfully
stifles with a handkerchief.

Cover coffins with American flags. Roll credits. Fade to black…

*Changed from the orginal screenplay

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