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What does 'support our troops' really mean?

Talk is cheap, and so is a bumper sticker. How about holding this president accountable for the disgraceful treatment of soldiers in military hospitals? The same rubber stamp GOP Congress of the last several years, had no problem sending men and women off to war, but are now leaving injured soldiers in rooms with dead roaches and mouse droppings, and trying to screw them out of benefits (Army Times):

A pale scar creates a deep furrow connecting Van Antwerp’s eyebrows. Doctors replaced bone with titanium after he fractured his skull. Bare-chested as he trimmed, Van Antwerp has a deep, laddered line from beneath his sternum to at least the top of his sweatpants. A blast ruptured his spleen and ripped out his colon. Pushing up his left pant leg as he told his battle story, Van Antwerp showed where three ligaments tore away from his knee, and then pointed out the scar from his broken tibia.

Van Antwerp said he believes in one of the Army’s oft-repeated mottoes: “No soldier left behind.”

…Yet when it was time for the Army to take care of him, one of its wounded warriors, Van Antwerp gave up before he even began. Rather than fight for a higher disability rating, he quietly signed for 20 percent – and no medical benefits – saying he knew he couldn’t do better. He inherited his father’s stubbornness, he said, and refused to ask anyone to pull strings based on his dad’s rank. Then his first medical board counselor, the person who would help him make his way through the medical evaluation board system, left. The second, he said, “wasn’t on the ball.”

The Army is trying to give you the lowest amount of money possible,” he said. “A lot of people are appealing, but I’ll be going to [the Department of Veterans Affairs]. I want to go home.”

There is a 400,000 case backup — what are they doing for these soldiers who signed up to protect our country  — no dignity, no service, sub-standard care (if they can get it).

Van Antwerp has been a patient at Walter Reed since November 2005. He is one of 704 outpatient soldiers who are injured or ill and are waiting to make their way through the red tape of the medical evaluation board process at the medical center, according to officials there. The board determines if the soldiers will remain in the Army, or if they will receive a lump-sum separation payment, medical retirement with benefits for life, or nothing at all. They remain in the medical hold unit until their paperwork is complete.

…If the soldier receives a disability rating of 30 percent or higher, he gets a disability retirement check based on years of service, rank and the rating percentage. He and his family will also receive medical benefits for life. If the rating is lower than 30 percent, he gets a one-time severance payment.

These soldiers are being left behind, treated like homeowners post-Katrina — getting as little benefit as possible, screwed over so that only the most vocal and patient ever hope to receive what they are entitled to. Why should anyone sign up to serve if they cannot be certain that they will be medically cared for if severely injured in the line of duty?

I’m tired of all these armchair “patriots” ready to ship off someone else’s family members as cannon fodder for Dear Leader’s misadventures without a thought about the responsibility to those who serve when they return.

After yesterday’s expose in the WaPo (Soldiers Face Neglect, Frustration At Army’s Top Medical Facility), the Freepers were more content to speculate what medical care will be like under “HillaryCare” than the travesty their elected idols have perpetrated on the troops.

Actual Freeper QuotesTM

if warriors are truly thrown at the bureaucracy, does anyone know if % of oil company profits could be diverted towards the medical treatment  since the dems are so concerned about the oil and oil needs a positive image  maybe they could instead of funding social programming for dems , divert the “sin” tax towards the military health

This kind of story is being used to present an image of uncaring Republicans. How’s this angle: This is everyone’s future under Hillary Care?

It’s a Washington Post story that was posted earlier today.

I think it is BS myself, but we need to have some verification of the condition of this.

On the other post someone suggested perhaps the D.C. Chapter could take a look.

If conditions are really so dire, perhaps DC area FReepers could get together and volunteer to do a clean up weekend like people do sometimes at schools and parks.  The main DC VA hospital is in reasonably good condition. I have no idea what that place is like.

There was a nearly identical story posted yesterday, but it was related to a VA hospital, not Walter Reid. I smell a rat.

Unfortunately “support our troops” doesn’t go much further than a Chinese made flag or yellow ribbon sticker on the family Toyota most times.

I noticed that this weekend, the Old Grey Whore and the Compost has kicked-off a “poor pitiful wounded warrior” expose. The Whore had a close-up of a Sergeant with one eye missing and no patch and this morning’s Compost has a closeup of two relatives looking pitiful. The latest talking points, I see.

so obviously it is coordinated but are the guys without help or not

I’ve never been in this building, but I have seen more than one military hospital that looked and smelled like the men’s room at a bus station. And yes, this is our future under HillaryCare. Except, does anyone really think Hillary and the other elites will use the same hospitals as the rest of us?

One of the happiest days of my life was when I got out of the Navy and got private health insurance. Picking my own doctor and hospital, getting an appointment without going through hoops and waiting weeks or months, clean, up to date facilities with the latest equipment–it was an amazing treat. Remember that Walter Reed and Bethesda are the showplaces, where the political elites go to get treated and get their photo ops with the wounded troops. The facilities in the hinterlands are not nearly so nice. If the building the article discusses is away from the main areas where reporters and politicians gather, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s in bad shape.

And even though it may be the WaPo trying to make the Bush administration look bad, if bad press gets somebody on the stick to fix the building for our troops, then it’s a good thing.

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