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Hardaway tries again

“It was like, you know, I had killed somebody. … I never knew that this was going to escalate that high.”
— Tim Hardaway, in his apology (take two), surprised at the reaction by the NBA and several gay and lesbian groups to his upfront declaration that he hates gay people and doesn’t like to be around them.

This guy is a piece of work. I guess he’s figured out that using the word “hate” is pretty powerful when it’s used in the manner and context he said it. After all, he’s the one who said “I hate gay people” — what reaction did he expect?

Even more entertaining, since there’s no room for error in interpretation — how could could misinterpret his statement? Hardaway is sadly, trying yet again to clean up a PR mess of his own making. (365gay):

Hardaway, in an interview at his home with CBS affiliate WFOR, acknowledged he made a major mistake by saying “I hate gay people” when asked how he would react to having a gay teammate.

“I don’t hate gay people,” Hardaway said. “I’m a goodhearted person. I interact with people all the time. … I respect people. For me to say ‘hate’ was a bad word, and I didn’t mean to use it.”

…Hardaway was banished from some NBA-sanctioned appearances he was scheduled to make in Las Vegas as part of the All-Star weekend.

Is it me, or are people like Hardaway, Michael Richards and such just more prone to word vomit than the rest of us, with ridiculous bigoted comments just spilling out uncontrollably out with the mic open and the cameras rolling? Perhaps he was overcome by some demon.

His original comments were illuminating and instructive becuase it brought out a lot of vocal support by sports fans for his bigoted views; it’s a healthy revelation of how far the sports world still has to go when it comes to homophobia.

Here’s a huge laugh for the day. Check out George Takei’s take on Hardaway.

Also: Catch Deb Price’s column on this.

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