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Sunday AM nostalgia

Any Blenders remember Davey and Goliath? The Lutheran Church produced this stop-motion animated series from 1960 through 1975,and each episode illustrated basic moral or ethical principles in ways that kids could understand, promoting tolerance and respect. It was notable that Davey’s best friend, Jonathan was black, and another, Cisco, was Hispanic. 

Here’s a cute TV commercial for Mountain Dew that plays it straight with the characters.

You can view clips from the actual show at the official web site.

And this is a favorite of mine — Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. I loved this show, so don’t hate on the guy. The program was so slow moving by today’s standards — you actually had to use your imagination, visiting the Neighborhood of Make-Believe (with the puppets King Friday, X the Owl, and friends!). Fred Rogers (1928-2003) was such a wonderful, gentle soul. I couldn’t wait to come home each day to watch; it was never boring.

Today’s kids are so hyper and overstimulated, I can’t imagine that they’d find this program interesting.

Speaking of overstimulation, the clip below is from 1983, so it’s relatively late in the show’s run. He takes a look at a Donkey Kong arcade machine (new technology!). He watches a child play the game, and a techie shows up and pops open the control panel to show them how it works.

So many folks make fun of the above programs because of their innocence – it is nostalgia, after all. But in many ways these shows had more ethical substance than a lot of crap on the air that kids watch.

After all, I grew up watching all those “violent” cartoons like Road Runner, right? Boy, that cartoon violence is nothing compared to today’s video games. I guess I’m an old fogey.

Open thread…

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