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for the week ending 2/17/07:

"… And you may find yourself behind the wheel of a large automobile
And you may find yourself in a beautiful house, with a beautiful wife [Ed. note: chain-smoking  Stepford or otherwise]
And you may ask yourself, 'well…how did I get here?'"

– Talking Heads, "Once in a Lifetime" 

Q Do you believe it's a civil war, sir?

THE PRESIDENT: I can only tell you what people on the ground, whose judgment — it's hard for me, living in this beautiful White House, to give you an assessment, firsthand assessment. I haven't been there; you have, I haven't.

— G. W. Bush, 2/14/07

Some reporters sitting in the front rows swore they heard the President then mutter:  "My god, what have I done?"

Now do you believe me?  You know, if it happens once or twice, you can always wave off the verbal faux pas as amusing slips of the tongue. But when it happens at every friggin' press conference, that's a pretty good sign that neurons are misfiring and synapses are too atrophied to make even the weakest connection. In other words:  trouble in River City, baybay.

It's time for the American people to face up to the fact: The man has cannonballed into the deep end of an empty pool. He has tripped over the light fantastic.  He has hit the seat ejector button while the plane's still in the hangar. He has refused to deploy his main canopy. 

And he also seems to be channeling his scary evil battleaxe of a mother. It's true — the fruit of the poisonous tree doesn't fall particularly far. How can we ever forget this little gem?

"Why should we hear about body bags and deaths? Oh, I mean, it's not relevant. So why should I waste my beautiful mind on something like that?"

— Barbara Bush, Sr., 3/18/03 

What part of Bar Bush's excellent adventures on "Good Morning America" and in the Houston Astrodome didn't 43's handlers learn? Hay-zoos, the stupid, it BURRRRNS!!

And before I forget, Happy Lunar New Year!  It's the Year of the Pig.  Nooo, not Limbaugh.

Norbizness over at Happy Furry Puppy Story Time employs the "reality filter" on Bush's own Valentine's Day "Mess O' Cur" press conference last Wednesday. The Rude One has a few choice thoughts about the press "availability."  BTW, Quds RULE!

I bring you belated Valentine's Day greetings from BushCo. HTML Mencken of Sadly, No! rounds up the wingnut valentines.  Rising Hegemon's Attaturk hand-delivers the flowers and chocolates.

My favorite hoarder of ponies, Holden at First Draft, once again slogs through the gelatinous, radioactively inarticulate slop Bush flung at the only friendly audience he has left – the American Enterprise Institute. Doghouse Riley at Bats Left, Throws Right only needs one graf to declare the Dictatortot, and his six year tenure, batshit insane.

Don't even get me started on the Edwards campaign's response to the criminally hypocritical smear campaign waged by William Donohue. Whiskey Fire's burning man, Thers, has his own issues with the complaints filed by the Religious Left over the "Blogger Incident". While not especially snarky, Eli at Multi Medium provides a reality-based checklist of rules for Dems to follow when they find themselves assaulted by the Right.

Cliff Schecter must own shares in Clorox, is all I'm sayin'.  My EYES!

Maru the Crankpot over at WTF Is It Now?? loves them Republican values. No More Mister Nice Blog's Steve M. is a big fan of their edumacation programs. Commandante Agi at This Blog Will Self Destruct in Five Seconds admires their strict adherence to the laws.

d r i f t g l a s s directs your attention to the next slide.  

The HELL? Alpha cooks? Jill at Feministe smacks kitchen bullies over the head with a slotted spoon.  The Editors at The Poor Man Institute remind us why we were all ecstatic when Camille Paglia went away. And Roger Ailes wonders why the National Review's Patrick Fagan is so fascinated with Virginian women's virginity.  Cuh-reeepy.

Oliver Willis refuses to share his brains with Zombie Broder.  But Oliver, Grampa Broder's brains dribbled out his right ear years ago.  Jesus' General shares the bandwidth . . . and the love.

If I Ran The Zoo's Tom Hilton passes a note to Ann Althouse in homeroom.  I am soooo telling! 

InanimateCarbonRod at Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Nachos probes the future of stem-cell research.   Heh heh, I said "probe".

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