Junk drawer

Just cleaning a few things out.

  • Since the lovely and talented Casey is up spending the holiday weekend with the recherché and asstastic mrs tbogg in Santa Barbara this weekend, I was left to my own devices for the past few days. Knowing this, a friend invited me to go the Amp’d Mobile AMA Supercross at the stadium last night, and then the gun show at the Del Mar Fairgrounds today. It was then that I realized that he knew nothing about me.
  • I’m worried that, at this very moment, Mitch Albom is writing another book; this one called 10 Plays Bo Schembechler Will Diagram For You In Heaven.
  • We’re thinking of getting a third basset when I move up to Santa Barbara later this year. My advice to you is to invest in Proctor & Gamble.
  • I really enjoy The L Word… but probably for all the wrong reasons.
  • Last weekend the aforementioned mrs tbogg and I made our ritual exchange of books that we each had finished and believed that the other would like. In my case I gave her Warlock, and she gave me Water for Elephants. Both are entertaining good old fashioned reads.
  • I’ve been reading Atrios’ posts about religion these past few days particularly the emphasis on people feeling compelled to advertise their one true faith. When I was growing up (this is my Granpa Simpson moment) we really didn’t talk about our faith, we just did it. The first time I remember someone coming up to me to give me their testimony about Jesus was when I was in high school (and we could still call them Jesus-freaks without being accused of Christo-bigotry). A very cute girl with a Jane Fonda Klute-era shag hairstyle walked up to me during lunchtime and asked me I had accepted Jesus into my heart. I hadn’t, but I was very polite about the whole matter, probably because I thought that if I played my cards right there might be sex involved later. So I guess you could say that I heard her testimony… for all the wrong reasons.
  • I was invited to sail in Transpac ’07 this summer but had to say no because it takes place during the last few weeks that I’ll have with the L&T Casey before she heads off to college (I’ll be going with her to get her set up in late July). It also occurred to me that I wouldn’t be able to blog for weeks which is the first indication that I have a bloggy on my back.
  • Finally, if Al Franken is serious about running against Norm Coleman in 2008 he needs to use this picture. A lot.

He can thank me later.

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