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Another wrinkle on the path to Marriage Equality in New Jersey

Straight people who tie the knot in other states (or abroad) have their marriages legally recognized here in New Jersey.  But according to NJ Attorney General Stuart Rabner gays and lesbians will enjoy no such equal protection.

Garden State Equality:

(We) believe that the New Jersey attorney general’s opinion today violates the Lewis vs. Harris decision. We consider the attorney general’s opinion today to be a violation of that mandate.  On the one hand, New Jersey treats all marriages of straight couples who come to New Jersey as what they are — marriages.  On the other hand, New Jersey will now go out of its way to relabel and repackage all marriages of gay couples who come to New Jersey as something different.  That disparity is the very essence of a violation of Lewis v. Harris.  It is also an insulting and intolerable extension of the separate, unequal and discriminatory status that civil unions represent.

So until what’s good for the (gay) goose is good for the gander, we’ll fight on. And until then “Garden State Equality is resoundingly confident that we have the political momentum to win marriage equality through legislation in the next two years or less.”

(Crossblogged at Blue Jersey)

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