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A follow-up to the story of hoarder in MA

A couple of days ago I posted about the compulsive hoarder in Massachusetts who had packed her car with so much trash that she had an accident when the refuse trapped the accelerator down, plowing into another vehicle.

Given this poor woman’s condition and the state of the car she was driving (one of three she owns), I said: I don’t want to think about what it looks like inside her house.

Now we know it was as bad as anyone could have imagined. Her house in West Yarmouth, which she has lived in since 1976, has had no heat since 2005, and the bathroom was non-functional. The situation was so bad that it has been condemned. (Cape Cod Times):

Ann Biglin crammed so many things into her house on Nauset Road that she had little choice but to crawl out a window to reach the rest of the world.

…After discussions with police and the town’s building inspector, health inspectors condemned the building as unfit for human habitation, Murphy said.

Police have worked with Biglin, 53, for the past four years on what Xiarhos said is one of the toughest cases of hoarding he has seen.

See more at Squalor Survivors.

Hat tip, Rog.

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