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Marriage equality demonstrations around the country

As Valentine’s Day marks the 10th Freedom to Marry Day, couples are coming out in force and attempting to obtain marriage licenses around the country. Via 365gay:

* Massachusetts: while we can marry there, equality advocates came out in force to protest a proposed state marriage amendment.

* Vermont, Connecticut and New Jersey: demonstrations in these states focused on legislative efforts to open marriage to gays and lesbians. Currently these three states have created civil unions. Activists in NJ hope to see civil unions be converted to marriages within the next two years, as data will show that they are not equal to marriage in practice, the 2006 court decision mandates that CUs must be equal to civil marriage.

* New York :  Gov. Eliot Spitzer promised equality advocats that he will introduce a marriage bill.

* Rhode Island: A rally at the state house has held in this state, which is the only one where gay couples can legally marry in Massachusetts, since RI’s constitution does not prohibit marriage equality. It’s still up in the air as to whether will be able to marry in Rhode Island; that’s currently being decided in the courts.

* Maryland: this state’s Supreme Court in Maryland is expected to rule this year on a marriage equality lawsuit, and couples were rallying at the capitol today.

* California: Assemblyman Mark Leno (D) has reintroduced a marriage equality bill similar to the one passed in 2005 but vetoed by The Governator…Yolo County, California, clerk Freddie Oakley has been presenting couples with  “certificates of inequality” when they apply for marriage licenses.

* Illinois: Equality advocates demonstrated outside the Cook County Building in Chicago. Both Cook County Clerk David Orr and Mayor Richard Daley are pro-equality.

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