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— Seems that George Tenet has a book coming out (if he ever finishes writing it).  Wonder how he and Dick Cheney are getting along these days?  Somehow, I suspect that the bloom will be off Condi's rose in Tenet's telling.  Could be an interesting, if not self-serving, read.

Holden has some words of…erm…wisdom from your President.

Wolcott has some choice thoughts about 24.  Might I suggest just playing with this acting simulator instead?  It's low on the torture porn, but it does satisfy the wooden acting criteria completely.  (Okay, I admit it.  I've been waiting and waiting for a reason to link this up.  It's laugh out loud funny.)

— Why I adore Dan Froomkin:  Reason #1 — fact-based reporting.  Would that all persons classifying themselves as "reporters" would adhere to the same fact-based standards instead of relying on spin and press releases and anonymously planted manipulations.

— TBogg, the snide I want to be when I grow up.  See here and here for why.

Jeralyn has further thoughts on the Libby trial and on the media's role within it.

Fini and TRex have a very exciting YearlyKos podcasting announcement.

— Some thoughts on McCain and Romney in the WaPo and the LATimes, and how their respective efforts to court the far right elements in the GOP are dividing the primary participants — but may be simply dividing up a limited pool of voters.  Interesting tactical considerations.

— Don't miss Bob Geiger's dissection of Tony Snow's arrogant performance at yesterday's briefing. 

Jonathon Singer at MyDD has a great piece on the numbers.  Hint:  The majority of folks in America think that escalation is a craptastic idea.

— Does anyone know if Denny Hastert's campaign war chest fundage is grandfathered in as something he gets to keep as an extra-padded retirement bonus fund if and when he retires from Congress?  Because, if so, the sudden need to fundraise for a reelection bid that I am hearing is not likely to happen makes SO much more sense.  And, gee, wouldn't it have been nice if Paul Kane had included that information in his press release article?

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