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Shapiro on marriage equality — his key is in the tailpipe

If you straight folks out in Washington state don’t think the unhinged social control advocates aren’t aiming to make sure you live by their biblical principles, take a look at Human Events columnist Ben Shapiro. He knows that the citizen Defense of Marriage Alliance initiative (Initiative 957 ) requiring procreation by het couples is a political statement by equality forces — but he tries to reason why it’s really not about the children — it’s about the parts fitting. Boy, this defense of bigotry is tired.

Their point in Washington is purportedly to prove that traditional marriage is not solely about children — and that if it is not about children, it is about discrimination for its own sake. But even same-sex marriage advocates realize that though traditional marriage sees children as the first priority, it does not rest its legitimacy solely on the basis of child-bearing and rearing.

…Women and men are inherently different. They are not interchangeable parts. Men have different strengths and weaknesses than women. A marital relationship between a man and a woman provides spiritual enrichment for each. The union between a single man and a single woman is, as the liturgy says, blessed.

…In one sense, Washington’s same-sex advocates do us a favor: They make clear that in order to deny homosexual marriage, we must uphold the beautiful and natural distinctions between men and women. They also make clear that we must uphold the value of heterosexuality over homosexuality. We must take up the gauntlet and, in doing so, vindicate the possibility of a higher spiritual elevation through the deepest possible human relationship.
The Homosexual Assault On Traditional Marriage, by Ben Shapiro

OK. I couldn’t resist posting another nugget from Ben, who is also the author of  Porn Generation: How Social Liberalism is Corrupting our Future. He further explains the “parts fitting” argument with this interesting analogy.

The fact that certain traditional marriages do not produce children does not invalidate the general point that men and women belong together, just as the fact that broken cars exist does not demonstrate that ignition keys ought generally to be put in exhaust pipes.

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