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Libby Live: Novak Two


NOTES: (1) This is not a transcript — It's the blogger's approximation, and no one really knows what that is yet! But I do know you shouldn't quote anything not in quotation marks. (2) I'll timestamp the updates and will update about every 15 minutes, servers willing. The hamsters that run the servers will appreciate it if you don't refresh excessively in the meantime. (3) If you're not having enough fun just reading along the liveblog, consider buying my book on this case.

F Just to be clear, your story is not generally available for non-subscribers. AP distributes it to subscribers, who are embargoed, they print it on the date

F First meeting with Wilson

RN On MTP. The day of his op-ed.

F You did not become fast friends.

RN We did not exchange words.  Most people in the green room quietly read. He was giving his opinion at some length about how things were done in the Clinton NSC, in a very loud voice, I thought that was an obnoxious performance.

F Did you share that experience with Rove that week.

RN I might have.

F Did you discuss 1999 trade delegation with Rove

RN Yes, that was related to Niger and uranium

F No specific recollection of talking about Wilson's wife.

RN I'm sorry.

F You have no specific recollection of talking about Joe Wilson's wife. 


F But you did talk to him that week.


W: Fitz asked questions about column being sent on AP wire and being embargoed. To your understanding, reporters would be able to read the article.

RN I presume so.

W Some of your customers some of the largest newspapers. He starts listing them, Says Boston Globe

RN [corrects him] Boston Herald.

NO further questions.


We're going to jurors questions. 

Novak looks like he's comfortable that he's gotten through this. His is now doing his nose up in the air arrogant look. and rocking gently back and forth in the chair.

Still in sidebar


Now Novak sitting with his hand in front of his face looking at the screen, presumably the column.

Now Novak leafing therough the paper copy of his op-ed. 

Libby's been storing his water bottle on the floor. Now he's drinking it.

Walton: Without relating what someone would have said in response to what you said. Did you, once you learned about Wilson's wife and the fact that she worked at the CIA, did you discuss it with anyone prior to your article.

Novak: yes, I spoke to Bill Harlow. 

Fitz–just the names.

Walton: Harlow

RN Spokesman for CIA. I testified that I might have asked Libby about, but I don't have a clear recollection bc I don't have a clear response.

W Rick Holt. Who is Rick Holt.

RN A lobbyist and a close friend. I talk to him every day.

W did you have conversations with him about it. Did you give him a draft of the article.

RN Yes.

W Mr. Holt had the article in his hand by 4:00 that day. And Holt is a lobbyist about town. Would you describe him as a gossip. 

RN He talks to a lot of people, even me, he's a good news source.

W He talks to a lot of media people.

F Did you have an understanding about what he could do with the copy of the article

RN No sir.  I didn't have an understanding with him. I had assumed he would not share it, there was not an agreement made between us.

Fitz, one moment. 


F Did he ever tell you he had shared it

RN Vague recollection that he had told the WH that there was an interesting piece coming out.

RN In those conversations I had with him on Friday.

F Your belief is that he told the WH on Friday that an interesting piece coming out.

RN Yes

Thank you.

10 minute break.


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