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Falwell's gearing up for '08

Everyone’s favorite Tinkywinky culture warrior is already starting up his engines; Falwell’s mission is to ensure a GOP president in 2008 in order to secure a conservative Supreme Court. (Reuters):

His influence may be diminished but his zeal is undaunted. Evangelist Jerry Falwell is on a mission to keep a like-minded Republican in the White House and get at least one more conservative judge on the Supreme Court.

Despite his years in the trenches of America’s culture wars, Falwell — who founded the Moral Majority political movement in 1979 and helped propel the rise of the religious right — said a major victory in his broader crusade to restore the country’s moral righteousness has so far eluded him.

With abortion still legal, prayer banned in public schools and pornography rife, he sees a long struggle ahead. For now, he is focusing on voter registration drives and rallying the faithful with his eyes on the twin prizes of the 2008 presidential election and control of the Supreme Court.

Remember, this is the man who blamed 9/11 on gays, lesbians, abortionists and feminists, and, according to the Reuters piece, later appeared on CNN and stated that well, it was actually the terrorists who were to blame,  but that it horror was spurred by secularization of America and that in turn “prompted ‘God to lift the veil of protection’ that had shielded the United States from attacks in the past.”

Falwell’s dream is to roll back the clock to the imaginary 50s — oh sh*t 1930s(!) See after the flip.:

“It is a long road back. We are at least one U.S. Supreme Court Justice short of a socially conservative court,” Falwell said on the sidelines of an evangelist conference in Dallas.

By a long road back Falwell was referring to his youth in the 1930s and 1940s — a period he feels brought out the best in a strong nation that adhered to “old fashioned values”.

His perfect world has gays tightly in the closet, shaking in fear (he’d certainly like to see Lawrence v. Texas revisited, don’tcha think?), and he’s eager for any marriage equality cases now winding their way to a solid conservative SCOTUS to go down in flames with a decision to discriminate that will remain for decades.

If you like access to contraception or to have control over your womb, I’m sure the Good Rev. will hold your hand and sing hymns as you are forced to procreate to ensure the survival of the race.

He’s playing coy about who he likes for 2008 — during primary season heplans to shops around and wait for the bootlickers to come forward and pay homage.

Arizona Senator and Republican front-runner for the 2008 crown John McCain pointedly spoke at Falwell’s Liberty University in Virginia last year.

Falwell said he had spoken with many of the leading Republican hopefuls for the party’s 2008 presidential nomination — including former Massachusetts governor Gov. Mitt Romney and Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback.

“I like every one of them,” Falwell said, but he added that he would make no endorsements before the primaries

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