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Another NC Baptist church leaves over Convention's homophobia

As the homo witch hunt by the Baptist State Convention of NC continues (the body voted to expel any member churches that opened its doors to gays and lesbians), churches are continuing to bail on them. (365gay):

.Members of St. John’s Baptist Church voted overwhelmingly by a show of hands on Sunday to leave the convention contingent on a determination of what the decision will mean to its tax exempt status. 

The statement put to the congregation accused the Baptist State Convention of choosing “to narrow its membership to exclude churches and institutions that do not adhere to its exclusive and discriminatory view of who is welcome in its fellowship.”

…Last week Park Road Baptist decided to quit the convention and some 18 other state Baptist churches are reportedly considering similar action.

Another church is “under investigation” for welcoming gays — Myers Park Baptist, is showing up the Convention by inviting them in to visit the church, knowing it will be ousted from the organization, defiantly releasing a statement saying  “We will not allow our conscience to be coerced by [the convention’s] exclusionary conditions of membership.”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding