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If you like Snickers bars, you may not after this

[6:45 PM: The website link to the commercials now takes you to the Snickers front page. There’s no explanation of why the offensive promotional section was deep-sixed. Any idea why, Mars?]

John at Americablog and Andy at Towleroad have the details on what has to be one of the dumbest, most homophobic ads in recent memory (courtesy of Snickers), along with an equally offensive companion Snickers Satisfies web site that promotes violence against gays and lesbians. John:

The ad in question showed a mechanic eating a Snickers bar. His co-mechanic is so desirous of the Snickers that he starts eating it from the other end of the same bar that’s already in the other guy’s mouth. The two butch guys eat their way down the bar, like the dogs eating the same string of pasta in the Disney movie – until they’re accidentally kissing. The guys, naturally, recoil in disgust – then, oddly, start ripping out their chest hair with their hands. Yeah it’s homophobic, but it’s also kind of funny, though a bit weird, so I was going to let it go.

What you can see on the web site are alternate endings, plus clips of reactions of manly Bears and Colts players (in the Extras section) recoiling in horror at the two men in the ad.  Bears Tight End Desmond Clark bleats: “Did they actually have to kiss like that? I hope they got paid a lot of money to do that.”

Can it get worse? Yes, yes it can.  Snickers also has three other commercials that were filmed to possibly run during the Daytona 500. In  an alternate “Wrench” ad, two guys accidentally kiss and their reaction is to “do something manly” — which for these cretins is for one to attack the other with a wrench. In return his friend slams the hood of a car down on the guy’s head — all because they inadvertently kissed. Dual gay panic. What has this world come to?

John also asks a pertinent question about all of this:

Why is the NFL logo on the bottom of the Snickers homophobic Web site? Why – because the NFL gave its permission for its logo to be on this Web site promoting violence against gays. And the Bears and the Colts gave their permission for their players to be filmed reacting in horror to gay people.

Remember, the Colts already look like they are endorsing homophobia by allowing its logo to be used for the celebratory dinner for Tony Dungy that will be held by the anti-gay Indiana Family Institute (my earlier post here).

As Andy said, this isn’t exactly a signal for gay football players that it’s safe to come out of the closet.

Contact Snickers here.

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