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Open thread – Bush: 'I like low expectations'

That’s the I’m not sh*tting you headline on UPI. Numnut Dear Leader was celebrating the Stanley Cup winners, the Carolina Hurricanes, at the White House. It’s hard work, you know.

U.S. President George Bush told the NHL champion Carolina Hurricanes Friday he likes to be “around people that keep expectations low.”

Bush congratulated the 2005-06 Stanley Cup winners at the White House, noting the team was ranked 28 out of 30 at the beginning of last season.

“I like to be around people that keep expectations low,” Bush said. “Instead of listening to the prognosticators, this team had a 112-point season. They had 52 wins. They win the Stanley Cup. They’re here at the White House. Congratulations to you.”

My stellar senators, the Empty Wig Dole and Richard Burr, were there for the occasion.

* Bush almost runs over staff, media with tractor

Open thread time, folks!

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding