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Montana: anti-discrimination bill submitted

Out in Big Sky Country, a measure to add sexual orientation as well as gender identity or expression to the state’s anti-discrimination laws has been submitted by openly gay State Senator Christine Kaufmann. A similar measure failed to pass two years ago, but local activist are more hopeful this time around (Billings Gazette):

Kaufmann said her proposal makes good on promises of equality laid out in the state and U.S. constitutions.She compared the measure to the civil rights movement.

“When we as a society fail to recognize the basic humanity of some people, civil rights laws with their designated classes are needed,” she told the Senate Judiciary Committee Friday.

The bill is also supported by the governor, Brian Schweitzer.

As usual we’ve got the god, guns and gays crowd in the state (Montana Citizens for Decency Through Law, the Eagle Forum, the Montana Catholic Conference, and the Montana Boy Scouts) out spewing the usual BS — with particular idiocy about gender expression.

One said it could lead to special restrooms for transgendered people or others. “I don’t know what they would put on (the doors). Maybe a question mark,” said Dallas Erickson, with Montana Citizens for Decency Through Law.

Harris Himes, with the Montana Values Alliance, said the gender “expression” portion of the measure could cause unforeseen problems. “What if your expression is pedophilia?” he said. “Again, you have that kind of potential conflict here.”

Jesus H. Christ, can you believe the ignorance? Oh, never mind.

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