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Traitorgate Postings at FDL: From 9/1/05 to 10/5/05.


Continuing our walk down Traitorgate posting memory lane this morning, it continues to boggle my mind how much work we have done on this one case.  And how little information has come out of the grand jury that has done the investigation on this, along with the fantastic folks at the FBI who have worked alongside Fitzgerald's legal team.  Truly an exemplary performance from all of them:  Fitz runs a tight ship, and his team has stood up with a substantial amount of integrity toward the grand jury process.  When you compare and contrast the leaky sieve that was the Ken Starr investigation of President Clinton, you really get a good sense of who respected the process and who used it for partisan political advantage.

And before some wingnut trollery comes over to scoff at this, ask Andy McCarthy over at NRO if I'm not spot on in this comment.  You either respect the legal process and conduct yourself in a manner befitting the seriousness of the matter that you are pursuing, or you should not be doing the job.  And, as Judge Walton himself has said during the trial proceedings against Libby, Fitzgerald is one of the most scrupulous government attorneys with which the judge has ever worked.  Considering Walton's lengthy career, that is certainly saying something.

In any case, here are another batch of links to articles that we have done here at FDL.  This ought to keep the Plameaholics busy this weekend and not jonesing for more testimony.  Enjoy!

Part I:  2/9/05 to 7/17/05.

Part II:  7/18/05 to 8/30/05.

9/13/05:  Strategic story placement to take Rove's name out of the headlines.

9/14/05:  Questions about the scope of authority of the Fitzgerald grand jury.

9/15/05:  Congressional attempt to get Fitzgerald to expand inquiry.

9/16/05:  A portrait of Jailhouse Judy as a sympathetic journalist.  Not.

9/17/05:  Dabbing ones watering eyes for the plight of Jailhouse Judy, Queen of All Iraq.

9/19/05:  Why is Tenet peeved with the Administration and Judy Miller?

9/20/05:  Judy Miller v. Jayson Blair.

9/20/05:  Some questions about Bolton and Fleitz.

9/26/05:  Why the interest in Judy — and what else is Novak hiding?

9/27/05:  Fitz and the neocons:  Part II.

9/28/05:  The many faces of Bob Woodward.

9/29/05:  Jailhouse Judy gets sprung.

9/30/05:  It's Miller time — Judy to do Grand Jury.

9/30/05:  How's your day, Scooter?

9/30/05:  Froomkin nails it:  reporters should expose secrets, not hang onto them.

9/30/05:  Scope of Judy's G/J testimony.

9/30/05:  Sussing out the web of lies…and more Judy.

10/1/05:  The "Dear Judy" letter.

10/1/05:  The Powertools try to run over Judy with a Wurlitzer bus.

10/1/05:  Ante up:  reading between the anonymous lawyers.

10/2/05:  Pay sucks, but great perks and tips.

10/2/05:  Miller and the NYTimes.

10/3/05:  The leak of the Aspens letter.

10/3/05:  Judy starts a war within the NYTimes, too.

10/3/05:  Judy returns to the NYTimes to a miniscule crowd of paid greeters well-wishers.

10/4/05:  Scooter, you are so screwed.

10/4/05:  The Harriet Miers life raft for Hurricane Patrick.

10/5/05:  Inner workings of a Grand Jury.  (This one is my very first Traitorgate post.  And I was right yesterday, Teddy — my first post was on Harriet Miers.)

10/5/05:  Be afraid.  (Or Cheney cut out of the loop.)

10/5/05.  Oh happy day.

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