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New Mexico's marriage bills are dead…

This is one piece of good news today. From the FreeNewMexican:

On party-line votes, the House Consumer and Public Affairs Committee voted to table two measures that targeted gay marriage. The actions effectively killed the bills for this session of the Legislature.

House Joint Resolution 2, sponsored by Rep. Gloria Vaughn, R-Alamogordo, would have let state voters decide whether to amend the state constitution to define marriage as a union between a man and a woman. House Bill 395, sponsored by Rep. Nora Espinoza, R-Roswell, would have put that definition of marriage in state statute.

“Gays and lesbians have the right to live as they chose,” Bob Adams, speaking for a group called the Alliance for Marriage, told the committee. Adams, a West Virginia native, was the “expert” testifying for Vaughn’s resolution. Adams said “radicals” had “thrust this issue” on the American people.

Bahahahahahahahaha. What’s that WV joker doing there? By the way, Alliance for Marriage, is headed up by Matt Daniels (who led a coalition of these folks to the White House, noted prominently on the site) and counts black homobigots Rev. Herb Lusk, Niger Innis and, sadly, Walter Fauntroy, as board members. Fauntroy was a key advisor to Dr. Martin Luther King and is pastor of the New Bethel Baptist Church

Now that you all have had that laugh for the day, read what PhoenixRising shared with me this AM about the goings-on at the hearing. It’s after the flip…PhoenixRising’s report:

Both the constitutional amendment submitted by the lovely Gloria Vaughn (R-Alamogordo) to which you’ve referred, and the statutory DOMA which was submitted by Nora Espinoza, (R-Big F-in’ Hat), were tabled by a House committee.

I think that means it need not be heard by the other committees, but I’ve only been a New Mexican for 3 sessions of the bi-annual disaster we call the Legislature so they may do it differently here.

We’re not out of the woods completely, and I’ll say a bit more about that, but we appear to be DOMA-free for another two years.

…The expert testimony for DOMA came from a Bob Adams, whose presentation was imported from WV by Alliance for Marriage. They’re the only organization outside Focus on the Fetus that has given us any trouble over the past 10 years, so it’s no surprise that they sent an ‘expert’ who testified to a pack of lies about MA social trends, though it was a bit of a surprise that they didn’t have some local hack attorney telling their lies as they did in 2005.

The emphasis of Bob’s lies was, Boston is a disaster area–Catholics are no longer allowed to adopt! (I was prevented from refuting that blatant lie by my lovely wife.) He also hammered on how well-organized the gay community is and how badly we have the self-styled pro-family organizations on the run.

Our experts included a lawyer who explained that in New Mexico generally and in certain ZIP codes (like ours) particularly, children being raised by their bio parents are a small minority, so it’s a bit counter-intuitive to suggest that NM families are being represented by a DOMA. My wife spoke about how much we appreciated NM’s diverse, embracing attitudes and laws, so much that we moved here and became taxpayers. The most powerful statement, and the only one that seemed to persuade anyone from the position they had started from, was given by a mom who explained that she wants her son to have an opportunity to have a loving, strong family just like the one he was raised in. She was quite moving.

The representatives who explained their votes to table called on such diverse touchstones as: MLK’s letters from Birmingham Jail, the Constitution, Marbury v. Madison, and some dyke in Las Cruces who runs an auto shop patronized by the rep. Oh, and the chair’s daughter, who is in her 30’s and really, really gay, has finally had kids since we last dragged this issue through her committee. Gail is adamant that anyone who wants some of her grandchildren to be more privileged than others have a difficult burden to lift with her.


While our national organizations are struggling to do some coordinating, I think it’s helpful for all of us who connect across state lines online to share the data points about what works and what doesn’t.

On the other hand, I’m convinced after six years here-that makes this my third legislative session–that we have the most backward state Lege in this great country. With the possible exception of Texas, because our Jihadi Baptists are a minority. So maybe none of our processes or results will help anyone in other, less ignorant places. But by all means, please do try!

Additions this morning: Bob Adams, of the Alliance for Marriage, really did say that ‘the sky has fallen in Massachusetts.’ He also referred to radical activists redefining marrige by pushing their way into court and shoving this down our throats, and emphasized that NM is naked before these types of judicial assaults.

(What is it with the quality of their thinking that all metaphors are sexual or violent? Someone should write a dissertation on this.)

The other funny part was, NM is the only place I’ve lived in which a guy from West by-God Virginia coming to tell us how God wants our marriage laws to read did not prompt even one consanguination joke. Not a one! Being a child of Appalachia myself, I nearly ruptured important organs holding in my giggles.

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