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Does it matter if gayness is a choice?

Homobigots often justify their bigotry by saying that gays have “chosen that lifestyle”.  Now, I know that I have never made any choice.  I am just living true to who I am. 

But maybe we should pull the rug out from under the bigots by taking their assertion head-on, for two reasons.  First, because bisexual people really do have the capacity, by definition, to deeply love people of both genders.  They can choose.  Second, for non-bisexual people, even if we had the capacity to choose our orientation, why should it matter what that choice is?  There is nothing inherently wrong with either choice; gayness is common in nature.  So what, really, is the big deal about choice, to the extent it actually exists?

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Laurel Ramseyer

Laurel Ramseyer


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