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Chris Dodd: amend DOMA to allow federal benefits for civil unions

Dem presidential candidate Senator Chris Dodd of Connecticut, at the winter DNC meeting, was asked by Joe Sudbay of Americablog (via PoliticsTV) whether the federal Defense of Marriage Act  DOMA law should be amended to allow civil unions created at the state level to have full parity of benefits at the federal level. Over 1000 benefits that married people take for granted, including social security and military pension partner benefits, are denied to gay couples with CUs.

Dodd’s answer raises the bar for the candidates in favor of civil unions to explain exactly how parity with civil marriage might be accomplished.

“I think it ought to happen. To me the country is way ahead of us on these issues. I think the American people are there.”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding