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With Friends Like These…


(Screen grab love to Strange Cosmos.)

What's that I smell?  Eau de burning bridges?

Wells Somewhat easier, more traditional, Govt wants to introduce note that Libby took while conversation with Matalin, who used to be PS at OVP, during the conversation Matalin stated that Wilson's a snake, Mr Libby wrote it down.

Zeidenberg. These are from Libby's notes, dated July 10. He can't be held accountable for what she said. Mr Libby called Matalin for advice. On July 8 he wrote down notes in which Rove said, people are taking Wilson as a credible expert. 2 days go by, he calls Matalin for advice. She tells him, she gives him strategy. We need someone who can sum it up. This is fitting into Democratic story. It has legs. The story's not going away. We need to address Wilson motivation. The President should wave his wand. "Call Tim," Mary Matalin, he hates Chris, he needs to know it all. Underneath, Mr Libby's notes, Wilson's a snake. As a result, he calls Tim Russert. The fact that he would write that down goes to state of mind. Govt was interested in responding on the merits.

Walton a statement Matalin made, not Libby That's extremely prejudicial. [You think?!?!?!] That would buy into govt's theory that defendant had motive to harm Wilson, and that one of the things that he could do, It's very prejudicial that someone else's mindset.

Zeidenberg. Libby makes clear that in course of conversation, it is telephone conversation he tells FBI that Matalin has a colorful way of speaking. To the extent that they want to argue that that's what Matalin writes, an ad hominem attack about critic.  (emphasis emptywheel's)

Is it me, or is Meet the Press a Sunday Talking Head booking that neither of these two should expect any time soon from Timmy Russert's crew?  Or a booking from Hardball or The Chris Matthews Show, either, for that matter? 

Oh, what a tangled web we weave…complete with horrid tinfoil flower badges and everything.  I think Digby says it best: "My, my, my all the dirty laundry is coming out. Here's looking forward to seeing Lil Russ on the stand."  And don't miss the gossipy tidbits that Atrios found

They keep this up, I'm gonna need more popcorn.  A LOT more popcorn. 

"Hello, schadenfreude hotline?  Send over a mixed case.  Um…make that two."

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