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Traitorgate Postings at FDL: From 7/18/05 to 8/30/05

Huge thanks again to the fantastic folks from PoliticsTV for making these reports from the courthouse possible.  Thanks, guys!

Another batch of links to stories in the Traitorgate saga.  I have to say, reviewing all of this material in putting the links together for all of you has been interesting.  There is so much information wrapped up in this one investigation — the political intrigue, the nastiness, the lies, the cover-ups, the media trade-offs for access and quotes…so many questions, and still so few answers.  But one thing keeps coming acoss loud and clear:  questioning the Bush Admnistration's credibility — and specifically the veracity of Vice President Dick Cheney — appears to have been an event that caused a whole lot of people to hit a very large panic button inside the Beltway. 

And now, on to more links — this ought to keep you busy for a little while, anyway:

7/18/05:  On the GOP pundit failure to stand up for Rove.

7/18/07:  Get the barf bags…

7/18/05:  Andrea Mitchell's lack of attention to detail.

7/20/05:  More Patrick Fitzgerald prosecutorial background.

7/21/05:  Wherein a wingnut breaks his brain trying to think.

7/22/05:  Spin and the Rovian way.

7/23/05:  On the meaning of patriotism (or why Jim Marcinkowski rocks).

7/24/05:  A round-up of recent coverage.

7/25/05:  On the meaning of "covert."

7/25/05:  Rove attempts to launch a smear campaign via Sen. Pat Roberts (a/k/a: Willing Tool.)

7/27/05:  Dennis Hastert, bobbing and weaving.  (And isn't THAT the visual you wanted stuck in your brain like that damned hamster dance song?)

8/1/05:  "Karl Rove:  Slightly More Popular Than Gay Marriage."  (Okay, not a Traitorgate post, but I had to write that out.)

8/2/05:  Tom Brokow visits Jailhouse Judy.

8/2/05:  On the security of Pat Fitzgerald's position a special prosecutor.

8/2/05:  Mount Novak erupts.  (Oh Jane, such a classic phrase, all by itself.  Ick factor:  7.9.)

8/6/05:  Wherein Murray Waas connects the Judy and Scooter dots.

8/7/05:  On oversight and supervising Fitz.

8/7/05:  Spew warning:  Jane calls Glen on some idiocy. 

8/8/05:  Fitz and the NYTimes.

8/8/05:  Novakula, the "cadaverous, swivel-chair hussar."

8/8/05:  Fitz keeps Chicago USAtty position.

8/10/05:  The GOP Liars Club and Walter Pincus.

8/13/05:  On Fitz, Comey and the DoJ.

8/15/05:  In which indictments are discussed in detail, including the fact that Fitz likes to start with perjuries.

8/15/05:  Disco Bolton meets Jailhouse Judy.  (The first person who sings Mustache Love is going to get it.)

8/16/05:  Big Bob's thoughts on morality.

8/16/05:  Denial runs through the NYTimes management.

8/20/05:  Factoring in The Patriot Act into the investigation.

8/23/05:  Wherein Bob Novak pledges to tell the truth — at $595 a head.

8/25/05:  Is the media worm turning?

8/26/05:  In which Joe Wilson declines dinner with Novakula.

8/27/05:  Jailhouse Judy gets writers' cramp.

8/29/05:  Fizgerald and the neocons (and one of my all-time favorite Jane closing lines…ever.)

Whew — well, that's just the first few months of coverage.  Much more to come…

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