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Fundie Rick Scarborough is bleeping angry at 'Friends of God'

Vision America bible beater Rick Scarborough, who appears at length in Alexandra Pelosi’s HBO documentary on evangelicals, ‘Friends of God’, is hopping mad at the portrayal of his peeps.

Yeah, well, Pelosi didn’t have to make anything up — she traveled around the bible belt, looking up the social conservative followers of the Good Book and found all sorts of mind-blowing, honest to god entertainment — “Christian” wrestling (one guy had “Jesus Freak” embroidered on his spandex-clad ass, as he body slammed for Jeebus), Christian mini-golf, with a hole dedicated to the parting of the Red Sea, and a Disney-like Holy Land exhibit, complete with Jesus (a white guy with long hair, a beard and a mic in his hand) giving tours of the place. It was surreal. Or maybe it was simply too real for Rick.

“I wasn’t even aware that such things existed until someone alerted me that I was in the documentary and I began investigating it,” Scarborough said.

Scarborough observes: “I was also troubled by the subtle camera techniques which made Christians look less than normal, framed in the context of a primary emphasis on Dr. Ted Haggard, who resigned as president of the National Association of Evangelicals and was dismissed as senior pastor of his church. Haggard, who resigned his post amidst scandal, was interviewed longer than anyone else. Was Pelosi implying that we are all hypocrites?

“If you choose to watch ‘Friends of God,’ understand that what you’re seeing is an attempt to denigrate evangelical Christians. Take it for what it is — a cleverly packaged assault, designed to undermine the valuable contributions to our country of 80 million Bible-believing Americans,” Scarborough cautioned.

Uh, no. All she had to do was simply turn the camera on to capture the freakshow.

By the way, you know that “Christian” wrestler I mentioned? Pelosi asked him if people were moved in their faith by his half-nelsons and piledrivers, and he said that 10% of the attendees had a religious experience and came to know Jesus, at every match. He didn’t  cite any statistics or any exit polling to bolster his claim, but hey — none of the big boys in that movement deal with reality-based data, why should he?

Hat tip to Kyle at Right Wing Watch, who noted that if Scarborough “wasn’t aware” of the documentary, why did he pump the doc on his web site?

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