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Who are the bad guys again?

Realize before I post this that I am NOT a Log Cabin Republican nor am I Stonewall Democrat.  I’m just an ordinary everyday lesbian that is finding it more and more difficult to figure out who the good guys and the bad guys are.

Democrats in the U.S. Senate are blocking pro-gay legislation

Log Cabin calls on Senate Democrat leaders to allow a vote on a pro-gay amendment to the Fair Minimum Wage Act.  GOP Senator Gordon Smith’s amendment would ease the tax burden for domestic partner benefits.  The Domestic Partner Health Benefits Equity Act would correct an unfair provision in the tax code that blocks self-employed people from deducting their domestic partner’s health insurance premium costs.

Why aren’t we hearing about this?  Why aren’t we upset by this?  Am I missing something?

Both my partner and I have been the one to pay the taxes on benefits.  It’s not fun and it would be nice to know that, even if we have to have a separate category for domestic partner, we are on a level playing field with heterosexual couples. 

What would be the reason for blocking such a thing?

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