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Posting will be light today; I actually got some sleep last night, so I wasn’t up writing.

Tidbits from the mailbag…

* Deb Price’s column is up and she says be wary of the sHillary machine, heheheheh, no kidding. No problem with that here on the Blend.

* Heraclitus at The Reaction finds out what a racist looks like.

* Does Fidelity have a problem with homos? Marc Gunther reports that Fidelity, the nation’s biggest mutual fund company, consistently votes against shareholder resolutions that ask companies to include sexual orientation in their nondiscrimination policies.

* Larisa‘s been rounding up the latest right-wing lies. This whopper is outlandish.

…the top award for grand lie-freak of the right goes to Atlas Shrugs (for cash), who actually has the nerve to display an article showing the twin towers burning above a photo of the peace protest,  under a banner of “shame, shame, shame”  – showing just how “un-American” the peace protesters must be.

If only I had a penny for every time a right wing prostitute got horizontal.  Anyone with a brain will obviously understand that there is no connection between the twin towers and the Iraq war and so using the images in this way is pure prostitution of propaganda. The question is, who is the John paying for all of this free whoring?

* SLDN reports that on March 7 the federal First Circuit Court of Appeals will hear oral arguments in Cook v. Gates (formerly Cook v. Rumsfeld), the constitutional challenge to the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy.

* While on the subject of DADT, Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) recently sent a letter to Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, asking the new secretary for his views on the ban on openly gay service members.  In the letter, Wyden asked Gates to respond no later than March 16. You can read the letter here. A snippet:

In light of the growing call of military leaders to reconsider DADT and the mounting evidence that calls into question the rationale for this policy, I would like you to revisit the issues I raised with your predecessor and in particular, what, if any, negative effect the repeal of DADT might have on the United States military.

* Brady takes a look at a robbery case in Houston and says that hooking up with strangers online isn’t the best idea.

* The Honolulu Star Bulletin endorsed civil unions for Hawaii. Eduardo says please consider sending in a supportive letter regarding its endorsement.

* I included this video in the comments of the earlier post, There is something seriously wrong with Dear Leader, which discusses his feeble, frightening performance in a one-on-one interview with Juan Williams on NPR the other day. I thought I’d put it up here so more folks could see the decline in Dear Leader’s faculties over the last decade. (h/t Jerry)

* How’s this for a class-act email (h/t Autumn)? One of the Westboro Baptist gang, Timothy Phelps, sent the following email to James Cappelman, an openly gay candidate for a seat on the Chicago Board of Alderman, who is endorsed by the Victory Fund:

“Do you have any thoughts on whether we should come and picket you as a soul-damning, nation-destroying, filthy, feces-eating sodomite who preys on little children in your project work?”

* Check out a new blog, Alex Blase’s Q-bomb.

* Find out how Senator Norm Coleman (R-MN) spends his off hours…dumpster diving. (h/t Lev)

* Lambda Legal asks Iowa court to rule for same-sex couples seeking marriage  The organization also announced that, after a hearing before an immigration judge earlier today, it has secured asylum for a man who had suffered death threats and beatings from police and others in his native Mexico because he is gay.

* Kevinbgoode says to take a look at the Trading Spouses web site. The Fox reality show features a lesbian couple, Judy and Pepper Lane.

* South Dakota teens bunking in the same room with siblings better not spank the monkey. Legislation under consideration (HB 1254) would make that a Class 3 felony — a $15,000 fine and up to 15 years in prison. (h/t, Barry).

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