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Howie Klein has a rundown on Joe Biden's decision to "join the ranks of future also-rans like Duncan Hunter, Mike Gravel and Tom Tancredo to announce his pointless, sad bid for the presidency (of the United States… of America)."  Notes Howie:  "Is there a constituency somewhere of people who like the bankruptcy bill? Will his campaign slogan be "Joe Biden: Nonbinding and Symbolic?"

If it's true that Russert can't stand Matthews, it certainly makes Matthews' obsession with the case a bit more understandable, given that Russert is in it up to his eyeballs. And here I was thinking Matthews just liked a good media story. Perhaps like the rest of us, he's happy watching Russert being slowly turned on the Justice Department spit by master barbecuer Patrick Fitzgerald?

Maurice Hinchey has introduced the Media Ownership Reform Act, which would restore the late lamented Fairness Doctrine as well as revisions limiting the number of stations a company could own.    Much of the right wing's success in manipulating corporate media came as a direct result of Ronald Reagan's precious "deregulation," and while the chances of the bill actually passing are probably slim, it goes straight to the heart of the ability of the Mighty Wurlitzer to game the system.  It's high time we started having this particular conversation, and good on Congresman Hinchey and co-sponsors like Maxine Waters, Bernie Sanders and Barbara Lee for starting it.  (Once again, I'll note for the record — Maxine Waters always seems to be popping up, doing the right thing.)

Latina Lista says that due to public pressure, the ICE has increased the educational time given to children in detention camps, but more pressure is needed to get these kids out of the camps.  Money quote:  "In fact, there's a good many of us, who still don't understand the logic of the continual imprisonment of children for any length of time in the name of national security."  Amen to that.

Henry Waxman's Oversight Committee hearings on waste, fraud and abuse in Iraq reconstruction are scheduled to start the week of February 6.  Unlike the ISG who seemed to think Tom Freidman had something important to say about the situation in Iraq, Waxman is requesting the testimony of Paul Bremer, former head of the CPA.    I guess that blows a hole in Joe Lieberman's whiny assertion that you can't blame him for sitting on his hands in the Senate since the House might do the same thing, huh?

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