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Daddy D's "ex-lesbian" mouthpiece: L Word entices women to consider homosex

Let’s see…flipping on Showtime’s The L Word will lead women to hit the sack with gals. How come years of watching daytime soaps doesn’t make lesbians want to hop in the sack with guys? What is Melissa Fryrear getting at — that she might have some second thoughts about her desires if she watches a couple of episodes of the cable show or surfs over to the social networking tie-in, OurChart? (CitizenLink):

Melissa Fryrear, director of gender issues at Focus on the Family, is concerned that a show like The L-Word will glamorize lesbianism at the expense of women’s physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Professional heterosexual Melissa Fryrear of Focus on the Anus.

As someone who lived homosexually for almost a decade,” she said, “I know from firsthand experience that there is another side of the lesbian culture, and it is anything but glamorous.” Instead, Fryrear said, women with same-sex attraction often experience a string of broken relationships, substance abuse and emotional volatility. “I personally experienced such in my own life,” she said. “I saw it all around me in the lives of other women.”

Social-networking sites like OurChart, Fryrear said, could potentially entice women to consider bisexual or homosexual behavior when normally they would not.

“There is good and credible scientific evidence of the emotional harm many women experience as a result of promiscuous sexual behaviors,” she said. “And for Christian parents who are trying to raise their daughters within the biblical sexual ethic — which only condones sex within the marriage of a man and woman — they should be concerned about their daughters possibly stumbling across this site and being exposed to the glamorization of same-sex behavior.”

Melissa, my life is not nearly as glamorous or hand-wringing as those lesbos on The L Word either. My life raking leaves and picking up dog biscuits at the grocery store with the missus does not a drama make.

H/t, Scott.

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