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There is something seriously wrong with Dear Leader

I was driving home today and unexpectedly hit a bit of traffic, so I turned on the radio to NPR, and lo and behold, Juan Williams was interviewing The Man With a Plan For Victory, our Dear Leader, President Bush. I came in about halfway through the piece. He was covering Iraq, working with the Dem-led Congress, and other current issues.

After saying “Jesus Christ” several times at the utter stupidity of the man as I listened, I realized the longer this interview went on, the more I became frightened at the cognitive decline of the Leader of the (Formerly) Free World.

The man cannot complete a full sentence the majority of the time, or even compose a coherent thought. I’m dead serious. There is a transcript of the interview on the NPR web site, but you have to listen to part of it (I know, this is asking a lot), to get the full picture of a man in serious mental decline.

He tries to be folksy and self-deprecating as he mightily stops and starts a sentence, attempting to grasp Juan’s questions. You can almost hear the gears grinding in his head. Take this exchange, which was excruciating to listen to.


There is a lot of politics in Washington – in my judgment, needless politics. And it’s almost like, if George Bush is for it, we’re against it, and I – and if he’s against it, we’re for it. And the American people don’t like that.

And I’m going to tell you some big issues we need to work on. One is entitlements. Your grandchildren are going to grow up with a Social Security system that is broke unless we do something about it. Now, I understand how hard that is. I mean, it’s-But the solution can be done. But it requires a lot of political, you know, capital to be spent. And there is distrust in Washington. I am surprised, frankly, at the amount of distrust that exists in this town. And I’m sorry it’s the case, and I’ll work hard to try to elevate it. So the idea that somehow I was trying to needle the Democrats, it’s just – gosh, it’s probably Texas. Who knows what it is. But I’m not that good at pronouncing words anyway, Juan.

Holy hell. Is this how he converses on the world stage?  And trust me, NPR cleaned up a lot of this interview for the transcript — the pregnant pauses, the confusion, the meandering, stammering and general discombobulation — you couldn’t capture it all in words. It was painful to listen to. One more gut wrenching snippet:

MR. WILLIAMS: Mr. President, you have talked about Harry Truman and the challenges that President Truman faced during his time here. He wasn’t popular toward the end of his presidency, but history ended up judging him very well. Is that your hope now?

PRESIDENT BUSH: Well, you know, Juan, my hope is that we see improvement in Baghdad. My vision is dealing with the problems at hand. I have got a lot on my agenda and believe we are going to get a lot done. At home, we want the economy to remain strong, and we want our children educated. That is why I’m pushing for a reauthorization of the No Child Left Behind Act. And abroad, I’m not only working with a great team to deal with Iraq, but we’re dealing with Iran, Middle Eastern peace, North Korea. I mean, there is a lot of issues we are dealing with.

Heaven help us. Is he overmedicated? Undermedicated? On the sauce? Or is this early dementia? I’m serious, I have not heard him in extended interviews like this in a long while, and it was a nightmare of audio confusion.

Here’s the audio.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding