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Things aren't going so snappy for John McCain.  As Markos notes, his poll numbers are commencing a slow drain circle courtesy of the McCain Escalation Doctrine, Chuck Hagel is stealing his "Republican maverick" mantle, and now Robert Greenwald and Cliff Schecter have hooked up to create TheREALMcCain, a blog dedicated to…well, the guy John McCain probably really is when he's not playing John McCain.

As Arianna Huffington's recent experience in Davos with McCain so nicely demonstrates, his media cool is quite heavily dependent on controlling the forum and when things don't go his way he's prone to the odd Mel Gibson moment.  He may be ready for Prime Time but he's not ready for YouTube, and Robert Greenwald's short film (above) is a very good indication that the video edit function is not going to be McCain's friend, either.  He's had to twist himself into some seriously uncomfortable contortions in order to get into position to competently suck Jerry Falwell's toes, and the results reveal McCain to be more of a bootlicking toady than an independent maverick. 

And then, let's face it, there's the unseemly and inexplicable Bush Love.  It would be like me telling Michelle Malkin she had lovely eyes and wrote with the piquant wit and insouciant delight of a latter day Jane Austen, you know?  Really, at that point it becomes obvious that any tether with reality has become severed and a good friend would tell you to seek help.

I don't think Robert and Cliff are going to have any shortage of material to work with as the Straight Talk Express runs off the rails, so I myself will be bookmarking the site.  Good stuff.

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Jane Hamsher

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