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Mike Jones visits Haggard's former church

Today’s believe-it-or-not event. (365gay):

The former male prostitute whose accusations against New Life Church founder Ted Haggard led to Haggard’s dismissal as pastor has paid a visit to the megachurch.

…Jones visited on Sunday with members of a New York-based theater troupe, The Civilians, who are researching a project on evangelicals. Church leaders knew about the visit beforehand.

Associate pastor Rob Brendle saw Jones in the foyer.

“I told Mike, ‘I don’t want to impose my religious beliefs on you, but I believe God used you to correct us, and I appreciate that,'” Brendle said. “The church’s response to him was overwhelmingly warm. One of the wonderful and enduring truths of Christianity is to love people the world sets up to be your enemies.”

I’m not sure what the “correction” is here — booting meth-buying, pole-smoking sad Ted out of the pulpit? Revealing that sin is among them? That gay is OK? Hmmm….at least we learn in the article that Haggard and his wife, Gayle, have completed a counseling program and are back in Colorado Springs.

I think that’s probably not the same thing as the “restoration” therapy Ted’s undergoing, which is supposed to take 3-5 years, where godly men of faithwho are clean themselves insert themselves in the life of the one who is struggling” and will lay their hands on the former pastor to heal him of his obsession with manlove.

Take a look at the men of New Life Church.


I did watch the Alexandra Pelosi doco on HBO, Friends of God, where we see the fallen pastor makings pious statements that are both hilarious and sad in hindsight. Not only does Ted say “You know all the surveys say that evangelicals have the best sex life of any other group,” he asks a parishioner how often he makes his wife climax to show Pelosi that the bible-beaters are a sexy lot. Argh, my eyes and ears!!!

Hat tip, Scott.

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