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Libby Live: Ari Fleischer Three


Pig in the Poke Part the Third.

Not a court reporter–not a transcript. Please limit updates. 

J is having Ari update the filings.

Fl the only way I would know about this is when my lawyers would discuss this with me.  Testified you didn't tell Pincus about that.

J entering some document. Asks if Fleischer was indicted for perjury.

J Transcript of roundtable interview. Do you recall who it was?  

Fl it says Doctor Rice. I was there.

J You did some talking.



J One thing that is memorable about the conversation was the talk about football?

Fl Can I say one thing about this document?

J takes this away. 

J You don't remember too many meetings in DC with people who like the Dolphins?

Fl I do–I try to hang around them.

A letter from Libby written on July 10 to Ari and delivered on July 14. 

Oh geez. "Who will I turn to for solace on the Dolphins?" This is another damn Aspen letter!!! This is worth looking up later!!!


P Your calls that you were going to make with Bartlett.

Fl on AF1 on the way back to DC.

P Do you recall when he asked you if when he said the information about the wife was significant you thought it was important?

Shows Ari's GJ testimony–shows what Jeffress left out, read the bit he didn't ask.

Fl other than that one little piece that seemed to me to back up the CIA sent him. [Explains that it documented that he was right.] 

P Jeffress also asked you a couple questions about the document you had been reading on AF1 and whether you told the GJ and whether it contained the name Joseph Wilson?  I'd like to show you page 97 of your GJ.  Question being you have a clear recollection of Amb Wilson's name.

Fl I'm pretty sure, yeah, I also had that informatoin, if the document didn't say his name I knew it was him because it's public.  I seem to remember it had his name in it but I knew it was Amb Wilson in any case.

P When Jeffress was asking about lunch conversation, at one point, you indicated you couldn't answer, your memory wasn't clear to absolute certainty. What portion were you referring to.

Fl the only portoin that I don't have certainty was the name.

P Wife?

Fl No, he told me that his wife sent him.

P About that letter that Defense showed you?

Fl about 30-40 letters in a big bound book that people sent me goodbye letters.

P Did you view it as a warm friendly letter? Do you have any animus to Libby.

Fl No.

Juror questions no; we're in sidebar.


Walton: [re juror questions] Some of the questions you have submitted would call for this witness to speculate.

Walton: At the gaggle with Dr. Rice, why did you at that time on July 12, why didn't you say anuthing about Wilson?

Fl I didn't think much that I had been provided at that lunch, after I saw that CBS report, what struck me was that could be that people believed Wilson's report, if they thought the VP knew about it they might think the Pres knew it. So I thought I'd try this. 

Sidebar again.

Ari smiling at someone. Now looking toward sidebar.

In answer to Richmond–Ari is quite poised. Until Jeffress asked about that roundtable that was objected out. And my use of "shiv" is my own word. Fleischer didn't use it.

Walton: How many reporters were at the gaggle that Rice was at?

Fl 8 reporters 4-5 cameramen and photographers.

Walton As PS, did you think it proper to ask Mr Libby if what he told you was classified, given that he told you it was hush hush.

Fl I never heard those words hush hush QT used before WRT national security. I never thought I should. I wish I had. The procedure is very strict, any time anyone from national security would say to me something was classified, it always began, "this is classified." The procedure is strict.  

P You testified that you believed that the name Plame or Plamay was used.  What makes you think it was used?

Fl my memory.

Next Witness.

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