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Here is my favorite bit from today:

P where and who was present?

Fl just Libby and me

P was anything discussed

Fl my plans what I was going to do in the private sector. Talked about sports, football, both fans of the Dolphins. I don't remember if I brought up or Libby brought up the briefing. I said I got asked about Wilson. I said what I was asked by the OVP to say. What I recall Libby saying to me, reiterated that VP did not send Wilson. Ambassador Wilson got sent by his wife, she works at CIA, Works in CPD, I recall that he told me her name. This is hush hush this is on the QT….

P What word did Libby use when he described Wilson's wife.

Fl I remember him saying she works at CIA at CPD.

P Did you know what it meant.

Fl not in specific, I don't know enough about CIA inner structure to know what it means.

P her name, how did he describe her name

Fl I believe he said Valerie Plame

Fl the news that VP had not sent him, it was the first time I ever heard it.

P what did you understand Libby to mean by hush hush

Fl I thought it was kind of odd. My sense was Libby was saying it was kind of newsie, no one knows.

P did you understand that it was classified

Fl absolutely not. There's a very strict protocol when classified info is spread, my experience, when someone conveyed info that I was authorized to hear, it was always, "this is classified you're authorized to hear." When it's oral, people always say, "this is classified you cannot use it."  (emphasis mine)

Can you say careless and shoddy treatment of classified information, violating the protocols for "need to know basis" transfer of national security information? I thought you could. Because those protocols, codified in the SF-312, apply to every member of the President's staff and every person from bottom to top of our nation's national security apparatus.  That includes the CIA director who does not know the identities of covert agents unless and until he has a reason to "need to know."  And, after thinking about that for a moment, can someone please tell me how it is that Karl Rove still has a high level clearance after admitting to verifying information about Valerie Plame Wilson to Robert Novak?  Because I'd certainly love to hear a public answer to that question.

As for Scooter Libby and his conversations about Valerie Plame Wilson and all that scapegoating tapdancing in Wells' opening statement and the claims that Scooter's hard job made him forget?   Can you say "busted"?  Thought you could say that, too.

What was your favorite part of the day's testimony?  Anything you noticed that needs more attention?  Any facts that were new to you that you think merit more discussion?  

What are you reading above and beyond the Libby trial today that you'd like to discuss?  Because, from my read of the papers today, the world is not standing still just because the Bush Administration and the office of Dick Cheney is being laid bare for all the world to see in the Libby trial.

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Christy Hardin Smith

Christy Hardin Smith

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