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Ohio bigots fixate on anti-discrimination effort by Dem gov

Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland plans to sign an executive order to protect state workers from discrimination based on sexual orientation, and it has set off the wingnuts there with the Cincinnati-based Citizens for Community Values. (One News Now):

An Ohio-based pro-family organization says it’s unfortunate that several state agencies are taking steps to give special employment consideration to homosexuals and others with deviant lifestyles.

The offices of Ohio’s attorney general and secretary of state say they plan to expand their employment policies in order that cross-dressers, transsexuals, bisexuals, and homosexuals will be “protected” from job discrimination. The state treasurer is including sexual orientation in his “non-discrimination policy”; and Democratic Governor Ted Strickland has indicated he will sign an executive order protecting against perceived discrimination against those groups.

…”Given the fact that they don’t have control over the legislative branch or the judiciary, we’re going to see more and more of this, I think, where they will institute internal policies and executive orders to implement a more liberal agenda,” says Miller. “And I think that’s what we’re seeing here with the new employment policies regarding sexual orientation and gender identity.”

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