Faith has its limits
Wearing his hat “gangsta-style”, Brian steals peoples
souls as an undocumented brown female looks on.

Big Brain Brian at Hot Air seems to have little faith that Alexandra Pelosi may have actually heard some of his fellow Brides of Jesus use the phrase “Hell’s Box Office” to describe Home Box Office:

This experience is a lot like my own: Born and raised near Dallas. Southern Baptist since I was conscious. Never once in my life heard “Hell’s Box Office” before Alexandra Pelosi inflicted it on me in that clip. Not once.

Pelosi’s smear is similar to Andrew Sullivan’s “Christian Reconstructionists” nonsense. There might be 50 of those guys in the whole country, but Sullivan uses them to smear the other 20 to 50 million evangelicals even though we’ve never heard of them and those of us who have heard of them (through Sullivan’s rants) disagree with them. The Hell’s Box Office thing is probably the saying in one church where Pelosi happened to conduct her zoological research. It is certainly not a dominant meme in the hallowed halls of megachurches throughout these United States.

So basically, she’s full of it.

First off, on behalf of all non-believers, I want to apologize to the ever-delicate Brian for having the phrase Hell’s Box Office “inflicted” upon his sanctified ears. I hope that it didn’t cause both of his palms to spontaneously bleed or leave the mark of the beast anywhere near his nether regions. Secondly, I think it is sad that Brain is unwilling to accept that, yes, maybe some use that phrase, just not those in his own personal Jesus circle. Hey, if a dead guy can rise from the dead and roll away the stone, isn’t it possible that a fellow fundy could coin a funny?

Stranger things have happened. Just read your bible…

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