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How long before Don Wildmon takes credit for this?

[Ah, yes, the AFA didn’t wait long.]

The press release from the American Family Association should be out shortly, blaming the automaker’s problems on pressure from the fundies:

Ford posts worst loss in its history.

Don will credit God for punishing Ford for its inclusive and gay-supportive employee policies and marketing instead of the obvious:

* Ford mortgaged its assets to borrow up to $23.4 billion to pay for the restructuring and to cover losses expected until 2009.

* 38,000 hourly workers have signed up for buyout or early retirement offers from the company. That costs money on the front end

* Ford’s business plan relied heavily  on truck and SUV sales for much of its profits; we’re now seeing the impact of 2005’s $3+ per gallon gas, which caused customers to buy smaller, fuel-efficient cars — all to Toyota’s benefit.

Toyota passed Ford for the country’s #2 sales slot. I wonder how Dapper Don squares the success of Toyota, which, along with Ford is on GayWheels’ list of gay-friendly automakers.

In fact, if the AFA’s followers want a non-gay supportive set of wheels, it looks like their only options are Acura, Hyundai, Suzuki, BMW, Kia, and Honda.

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