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The CIA Got the Niger Documents!!!

Here’s the holy shit no one has noticed from yesterday. Here’s the version of the INR memo introduced in court yesterday.

 You’ll note in the last paragraph of the second page–it says, "These documents, which were sent to Washington via both CIA and [State] Department channels…"

This is really big news. The CIA got the forgeries. But all this time, they’ve been saying CIA only got the forgeries through State.

Nope. They had their own copies. And still didn’t analyze them until after it was too late.

Also note that it says that INR "may" have concluded the forgeries were forgeries earlier than January 12. This is totally disingenuous–they say they’ve looked at emails, but they clearly are ignoring the email the INR analyst sent back in October 2002. Huh. Still reading this, but it’s time to go to the Court House.

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