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Reflecting on What We’ve Learned (1/24)…

Was the trial today good for you?

Okay, so our intrepid courthouse duo, Marcy and Christy, are still getting tanked relaxing after a long day watching the wheels of justice turn, so let's take this opportunity to engage in some open-source Plameology.

Thanks to Marcy/emptywheel's flying fingers, we've been able to read not just summaries of both sides' opening arguments, but paraphrased testimony from the first three witnesses — Rex Marc Grossman, Robert Chenier, and Craig Schmall.  What do we know now that we didn't before the day (or the trial) began?  Is it possible to tell who's "winning" so far?

Please use this thread to compare notes and hash out your theories, and if Christy and Marcy make bail have the time and energy, we'll see what they have to share later tonight.

(P.S.  Thanks to Pach, here's David Corn's take on the day in the courtroom, in case you're interested.) 

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