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A lot of folks have been tuning in to the melodic ode to heterosexuality by Donnie Davies and Evening Service, The Bible Says (God Hates a Fag). The unhinged video has provided a ton of laughs at my house, as nothing better implodes the ex-gay movement than this laff-fest, whether it’s real or satire.

YouTube yanked it, then Google Video deep-sixed it. Now you can see it on MySpace.

— Your blogmistress has turned up in the latest installment of Shakespeare’s Sister Theater Presents…Dr. Zero & The Pink Petulance. This chapter also features The Donnietron 6000, who takes to the stage with Evening Service and performs the classic ode to ex-gaydom.

— It seems the good pastor in the open pink shirt has a fanbase — the Donnie Davies Fag Club, set up to help save Donnie from the clutches  of hetereosexuality.

— And you must read Jesus’ General’s letter to Donnie Davies, Newly Ordained Heterosexual. A snippet:

Are you going to do any other biblically-based songs? A song and video about Lott giving up his daughters to a horny mob of Sodomites would be a great missionary tool. And given the willfulness of children these days, a song about how the Prophet Elisha sent she-bears to eat the children who mocked his baldness is certainly needed.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding