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* Deb sent this in and asked “how about asking Blenders about this advice from Dr. Phil?” The question, from a person named Robby, is “My 5-Year-Old Son Prefers Girls’ Clothing and Toys.” Look at this answer.

“This is not a precursor to your son being gay,” explains Dr. Phil. He’ll know that in time, but this is not an indication of his sexual orientation. Dr. Phil tells Robby that she has a job to do: “Direct your son in an unconfusing way. Don’t buy him Barbie dolls or girl’s clothes. You don’t want to do things that seem to support the confusion at this stage of the game … Take the girl things away, and buy him boy toys.” Most importantly, he tells Robby, “Support him in what he’s doing, but not in the girl things.”

Oy. I’ll leave you all to comment…

* What is The Vast Lesbian Conspiracy? It turns out that it’s not all that threatening or special, as male heterosexual blogger Paul -V- found out as he hung out in an lesbian coffeehouse in Asheville, NC. (h/t Roger K.):

To say this has been an educational experience is an understatement. I consider myself an educated person about the politics and history of gender roles. I have many gay friends, including my own brother, so I’m hardly ignorant of the existence of alternative lifestyles. Still, from my make-shift desk at OutSpoken, I often feel like a foreigner visiting a far-away tribe. Place a pith helmet on my head, and call me Dr. Livingston.

*  Warren is talking about “the disease of extreme batshit religio-thuggery” and the latest detainee crap by the Pentagon over at his pad.

* Deb Price has a must-read column up on homeless and runaway gay teens, and why the federal Runaway and Homeless Youth Act needs to be renewed and better funded.

* I haven’t heard the term “wilding” in ages — Gay Panic: three men go wilding; the gays made them do it. (Hat tip, Spot4Me)

* New Jersey couples who want to know more about CUs: Civil Union Watch, Lambda Legal’s advocacy and monitoring project, will hold a teleconference call on February 6 at 7PM to give information on what the new law means and how it affects families. You can read FAQs about NJ’s civil unions here.

* Mick LaSalle, the film critic for the SF Chronicle, has a serialized work on the religious right at his site called The Event and it sounds like a hoot: “Imagine if everything the Religious Right believes about the End Times is true, except the Rapture doesn’t take them and the antichrist turns out to be their favorite politician . . . That’s the story of The Event, which will be serialized on this space, one Episode per week, over the next few months.”

* Report finds prison an answer to long life. I received an email with this link from Paul Barwick, who said “How long do you suppose it will be before some right wing talk show host suggests that prisoners should be grateful.” Rush and Michael Savage will be right on it.

* If George Bush loses Elizabeth Dole on the war in Iraq, he is in big trouble. My useless senator is starting to drift away from the Chimp before he pulls her under since he’s got that Iraq anchor shacked to his leg, I’m just hoping that the doddering Empty Wig doesn’t run again. If you can believe it, the Dems still haven’t corraled someone to run for this seat. (H/t Steve)

* As oddjob said in the email to me, this is our “gift” to neighbors across the pond: US toxic gases push British pollution over safety limit. Frankly we pollute every time we send Shrub over there and he opens his trap.

* Here’s a glimmer of hope for change: a former conservative activist in Hawaii now lobbies for civil unions. (H/t Roger)

Debi Hartmann is working with gay activists and Democratic leaders in Hawaii to enact civil unions that carry the same rights as traditional marriage. The move represents a reversal for Hartmann, who once led Hawaii’s Future Today, a conservative group of Mormons, Catholics and others who opposed gay unions. In that role, the married mother of three railed against gay marriage.

* Jon Perr at Perrspectives has a SOTU Preview: 10 Things to Watch.

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