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Good Morning From DC


Good morning from the Prettyman Courthouse.  Today begins opening statements in the Libby trial.  I'll be sitting in the courtroom throughout proceedings today, and the amazing Emptywheel will be liveblogging as the action goes ahead. 

Last night, we had some amazing Ethiopian food at a restaurant — Dukem — that Pach recommended.  We had a great combo meal — amazing spicy chicken and lamb, and fabulous injera.  Afterward, we did a little grocery shopping — bloggers have to have their coffee, you know (but we have GOT to get some bigger mugs — Plame House has dainty little teacups and that is not going to work for either of us for long). 

Then looseheadprop stopped over, and we sat around, drank beer and talked shop until the wee hours.  Just three Traitorgate aficianados, talking about the minutiae of the case…and about everything else you can possibly imagine.  Yes, it does sound like a geek fest, but we had a LOT of fun.  And the lovely littleprop sent along a supply of candies for the house, for which we are very grateful — what a sweetie!

Should be an interesting day today.  Opening statements, which looseheadprop covered for us here, really set the scene for the trial as a whole and also opens up a whole lot of the trial strategy for scrutiny in how the pieces are set in motion by the lawyers from the start of the trial.  This is truly the moment where the case is focused — either with a very clear picture, or with a murky one — and it will be interesting which snapshot the jury takes away.

Beyond that, one of the more interesting things to watch is the reaction of the jurors as they listen to the openings.  I'll be watching for facial expressions or other "tells" from the jurors as the trial moves forward.  It will be most interesting to see how that changes over time, depending on the witness and the attorney speaking.

At the end of the court day today, we may have a surprise for you all — more details on it as they firm up today — and I'll do a wrap-up later on all the proceedings.  Hang onto your hats, kids, the Libby trial is about to get started.

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Christy Hardin Smith

Christy Hardin Smith

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