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Georgia gov: the people can vote on marriage equality, but not blue laws

What a monumental hypocritical bigot GOP Gov. Sonny Perdue is. He thought it was a great idea for the people to decide at the ballot box whether or not gays and lesbians have the right to marry (and an amendment passed easily in 2004), but when legislation that would allow a direct vote on whether beer and wine should be sold on Sundays — Perdue said that he’d pull out the veto pen.

Yes, that’s right — the people don’t have the right to determine whether you can buy a brewski on Sunday, but they damn sure must be able to weigh in on the civil rights of homos. Jesus Christ. Even the Georgia Log Cabinettes went apesh*t. (SoVo):

“In 2004, our legislature and Gov. Perdue allowed Georgia voters to overwhelming approve a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage,” Jamie Ensley, president of Ga. LCR, said in a statement.

“Gov. Perdue said on gay marriage, `I think we need be very respectful of the people’s voice and listen to that.’ What Gov. Perdue is telling us is that repealing Georgia’s Blue Laws is the will of the people, but it conflicts with his personal views, so he’s going to veto it, and as an added bonus, he’ll make his right wing conservative voting base happy,” Ensley said.

…Appearing Jan. 17 on the Bert Show on Q-100 FM, Perdue, who is a teetotaler, said despite public opinion, he would veto legislation on Sunday alcohol sales.

…””When you ask people generally if they want the right to vote on anything – what kind of toilet tissue the state ought to use, or anything like that – they’ll typically say yes,” Perdue said on the Bert Show. “Some things rise to the level of referendums – such as, I felt, the symbol, the flag that represented Georgia, which I felt rose to that level,” Perdue added.

But you can’t do government really by referendum. And so, I don’t support that, and I don’t know whether it will pass the Legislature or not, but it’ll have a pretty tough time getting the last vote.”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding