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Fundie butt-kissing Harold Ford's tush is in the fire over marriage equality

Har-dee-har-har. Congressional Quarterly reports that the Tennessee Democrat and failed U.S. Senate candidate Harold Ford Jr., who has been talked up as the next head of the “centrist” think tank, the Democratic Leadership Council, is feeling a little ass-fire over his private assurances to the National Stonewall Dems and his homo-bashing in public with his support of a marriage amendment.

Ford cast one of only 36 Democratic votes in the House in 2004, and one of only 34 last year, for a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage. The Stonewall group finds those votes all the more upsetting, [National Stonewall Democrats] spokesman John Marble maintains, because before the 2004 vote Ford had privately assured gay and lesbian Democrats in Tennessee that he did not support the same-sex amendment.

He made no such assurances in last year’s campaign against Republican Bob Corker\. Ford ran ads that explicitly contradicted Corker spots describing Ford as a backer of gay marriage. And when the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled in October that same-sex couples in the state are due the same rights and benefits as married heterosexuals, Ford demurred. “I oppose gay marriage,” he said. “This November, there’s a referendum on the Tennessee ballot to ban same-sex marriage – I am voting for it.

Ford’s position was “very belittling to gay and lesbian families,” Marble says, even though it was in tune with the public: The referendum carried 81 percent of the vote.

The article also notes that the DLC notoriously skirts the issue of marriage equality, choosing to take the tack of lamely blaming Bush for raising the “socially divisive, morally questionable and politically dangerous” issue rather than having a counter argument or taking a position at all. Losers.

* Harold Ford to head DLC

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Pam Spaulding